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Mar Vista home - Now priced Right!

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Affordable Mar Vista Fixer or Family home


Great Big Price Drop of $114 k

Mar Vista area.  Single Family home on nice corner lot.  Charm and not to bad of a floor plan.  One of the OK sale prices.  Then the Price Dropped Big-time on Monday!

This is now a deal.  you can strip off the old paneling and the western stuff out of the back yard and make this one work.  There are some really bad cracker boxes close by on the smaller streets that have bad floor plans and are priced higher.

Good space.  Good location.  Much better than the other market inventory just a few blocks away.

Do not wait.  This one is good.
- Offer Pending

I knew this one would not last.


If you where to rent out the house... market rents will likely top $3500 per month.



In Mar Vista this is a good fix up and flip type property.  Review with Keith the benefits that you receive as the owner of a rental property.