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Whether you are new to the Los Angeles area or a long time resident there is enough information here about our communities to fascinate and educate you for a while.  Our history may not be as old as Greece and Italy with the Parthenon and the Roman aqueducts but we have our interesting tidbits.  From the Tongva and Chumash native American Indians to the present day cutting edge hip happenings on Venice Beach.  Los Angeles too has a long and varied history.

Hope you find it interesting!

Areal Photo looking northArial Photo of Western half
of the Los Angeles Basin

Santa Monica Mountains
on the top

to Downtown
on the right

Santa Monica Bay
on the left

Palos Verdes peninsula
on the bottom


Perhaps you will soon see the names of the original rancheros in the title report from Southland Title on your new home.  Spain granted the De la Luz family the original ownership  to the lands that became Mar Vista, Palms, Culver City, and Playa Del Rey.


The best place to be "seen" while taking in the sites.  There is so much to say about Venice Beach that one forgets that the community reaches inland and has a real special feel.

The narrow streets and somewhat smaller lots have not in any way diminished the desirability of these homes.  The specialness of Venice is worth it.  Often the "hip" or the "cutting edge" part of the Los Angeles population gets the most headlines but there is definitely a homey feel to the area. 

Then there are the homes that are on the canals or the strand down by the beach.  If you want special...  this is where the word can be applied.  Quality living conditions and the neatest stuff around.  Walking distance to the beach and maybe a boat tied up out back to paddle around the Venice canals.

Wikipedia does have a good overview on the Venice area.

Mar Vista:

The community on the hill with nice ocean breezes to take the heat away and just far enough from the beach to avoid the mob.  Yet close enough to all the best things the great city of Los Angeles has to offer. 

Some of the homes on the rising hills have views to the ocean south and west and many more have views of Los Angeles downtown, the Hollywood sign and the Santa Monica Mountains.  Many of the homes range from just after WWI to shortly after WWII.  These older homes are slowly being rebuilt into more modern structures with serious remodels to totally new modern construction.  The newer construction is very valuable as they have strengthened the earthquake standards after the 1993 earthquakes. 

There is several areas that are labeled as sections in the zone...  "Mar Vista Hill" they are mostly on the top of the rise near Centinela and Palms.  Streets like Mountain View and Ocean View are on either side of the top most street labeled appropriately Grand View Ave.

The East side of this hill has a few larger lot developments and one of the best elementary schools in the LA Unified School District.  A real gem.  Mar Vista Elementary.

the West side of the hill is at first a relatively flat plateau.  Part of the plateau was used for the Santa Monica Airport.  Just south of the SM Airport is a terrific pocket of homes that were built from 1941 to 1957 and are in high demand.

Mar Vista has a strong and active Community Council.  The directors of the community council are elected from the neighborhood and help the city stay in touch with the zones within the larger Los Angeles City. 

  • Please see the page about my candidacy for Zone 6 Director.
    If you live or work within the Mar Vista community, you are a stakeholder and can vote.  MVCC Election information 

Lots in the Mar Vista tracts can range form small 40x90 to large unusual shaped double lots.   The age of the homes are not of as much importance as the location of the lot.  Recently a listing for a lot just 60 feet wide sold for more than $1,000,000 and the house is going to be torn down and rebuilt!  That is the 1 million dollar view lot on the lower Mar Vista hill.  A tiny lot with a tear down house and no chance of a view recently sold for close to $700,000.

Read more about the market conditions on the Blog or research the community on the detailed Wikipedia web site.

link to Wikipedia on Mar Vista.

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Marina del Rey:

We have a great asset that is a "Man Made" land feature. The harbor of Marina del Ray was the largest man made boat harbor in the world.  (A new one in Dubai may be bigger)  The leadership of Los Angeles county councilmember Burton Chase directed the county to issue bonds to fund this terrific project.

The lowlands just south of Venice and the canals where dredged out and a large boat harbor created for the benefit of all of the residents of Los Angeles.  So many would have access to the sea and the ocean.  Fishing Boating Sailing and public boat launch ramps.  We have One nice launch ramp where more were on the original plans.  We have many high rise apartments that bring in top dollar to the county.  These land leases are a great source of revenues to the county.

This harbor has now turned into a large economic engine to the Los Angeles community.  Creating jobs and businesses that serve the boating community.  Creating a magnet for those wishing to be part of that wealthy and wet world.

Many new high rise apartments and Condos are now being added to the inventory in the area.  The values are interesting.  Some even though some of the older ones are on Leased Land are still options to consider.

If you are into fishing (as I am) then you will also want to check out the local fishing or yacht clubs.  For example see www.MDRAnglers.com

Link out to Wikipidia for Marina Del Rey

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Culver City:

Culver City is independent of Los Angeles in many very nice aspects.  It has it's own parks and police department.  It has different fees and costs that are levied on the property owners.  The communities public parks are very well maintained.  The parks are where you will find lots of happy children and mothers on most days.  It is a great community.

The schools are good and the attitude of the community is definitely a good working ethic.  It is less liberal than nearby Santa Monica and based on sound middle class sensibilities.  The working folks who built sets for MGM Studios were some of the first to have homes in that area.  It has always been a group of very practical people.

If you are a movie buff the list of movies that have had their roots in the studios in Culver City will amaze you.  With filming in the studios there since the 1920's.

Read more about the history of Culver City on Wikipedia

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Playa Del Rey:

We have a new Boardwalk Realty office in Playa Del Rey.  It is on Jefferson where Centinela Blvd. zig and zags past the new Playa Vista lands that were the original Howard Hughes factory lands.  Those lands have finally begun the redevelopment to become Playa Vista Project and many lucky people are moving in to these new homes in the planned master community.

While that large development has created some consternation in the surrounding areas over traffic and other valid concerns it is defiantly a new shinning asset that many will call home.

Wikipidia has the "Dirt" on the development.

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High ground north of LAX and south of Culver City is the community of Westchester.  Many condominiums have been built in the area especially south-west of Lincoln Blvd.  These can be very good homes for the money.

The single family homes in the Westchester market had previously been the more affordable range.  But as the larger Los Angeles basin has filled up the bedroom community is not overlooked by hungry home buyers wanting to get their moneys worth.  In the areas where the bigger lots and views from the bluffs are available the premium for the home is significant. 

Several new projects have been added recently.  The bluffs that were where Loyola Marymount University stood out is now filed to capacity with new view homes.  And as the new Playa Vista Project is filling in with its construction it will not be long until the big white LMU letters on the hillside will be lost to view from the homes in the surrounding areas.  The LMU was clearly visible from Mar Vista hill homes until just recently.

Read about Westchester on Wikipidia

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Santa Monica:

Santa Monica Pier entranceAs a community there are few as famous as Santa Monica.  Almost as well known around the world as Los Angeles.  It started out as a place to escape the heat from Los Angeles with just a few weekend bungalows.  Some of those old bungalows still stand today and are renting for Wildly divergent rents.  Old Santa Monica Rent Controlled rents may have these units artificially reduced to 5 or 6 hundred per month where a new tenant with a vacancy decontrolled recontrolled (market) rent will be happy to pay 1500 to 2000 per month to live just a few steps to the beach.  Income properties in Santa Monica are managed under the SMRC ordinances and require buyers to be fully in the know on the extra landlord and tenant regulations.

Homes and Condominiums in Santa Monica are definitely worth the extra premium for the values.  The school district is terrific.  The City is a powerhouse economically.  You can run a sliding scale up on the price/value of the land and homes as you move north in the town.  One of the 10 most expensive zip codes in the United States is 90403 for the north side of town.

Shall we talk security of investment?  Less likely to ever have a lingering vacancy if you are a landlord in this city.  As a homeowner it is a very nice place to live.

Wikipedia has an extensive History Page and the
usual Santa Monica City facts page.

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Westside Village:

Wikipedia has a page for both Westdale and Westside Village yet it is still vague and not fully descriptive of the community.

This area is in the MLS area map as Palms.  It has been developed as housing since World War I.  So there are homes that range from old to new in this diverse collection of homes.  Some of the streets have great big older trees.  Some streets are without curbs in an old feel that harks back to a more easygoing time.

Several of Los Angeles' best public elementary schools are in the area.  Helping to justify the really valuable quality of life that we all are seeking. I am regularly amazed at the good quality homes that are available in this region for over a 100 thousand dollars less than homes not that much further west.  My weekly brokers caravan drives regularly include these areas.

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