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How Do I afford a home?

Depending upon whether you work for yourself or work for a salary a lender will work out the amount that they believe you can afford to borrow.

Saving or acquiring the funds needed to place a "Down Payment' is the biggest issue to be overcome for most first time home buyers.

Some get a stake from family.  Others save that "bonus" from one thing or another until they feel ready to take the plunge into real estate.

Credit cards do not cover down payments on real estate.  Sorry.   But if you do have strong enough earning powers you may qualify for 100% financing. 

Contact me for referrals to 2 or 3 good loan brokers who I have trust can make things happen.  They often can.  Drop me a note and I'll refer you.


Can a Condo work for me?

Yes, when young and starting out, many people do not have the time for the many tasks that come with a single family home.  Landscaping for instance.  Think about mowing the lawn weekly!

Our  IRS forms do not distinguish in the section that records your deduction for interest on your loan between a Single Family or Condo.  First time buyers can save a lot and get into the equity growth game with less cost.


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